VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: A Model Volunteer is Among Us!



It’s Joe!

Please feel free  to visit the Eddy Street Commons Hammes Bookstore to see this wonderful ad in person!

To see Joe in person come down to the Center. He will be signing autographs by request at his next shift.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Special Screenings

The new cinema season is in full swing and this month brings many special events. Several filmmakers will be in attendance with their films.


Friday 9/4 All Work, All Play: The Pursuit of eSports Glory

Filmmakers Patrick Creadon and Christine O’Malley in person.


Thursday 9/10 Foreign Body

Filmmaker Krzysztof Zanussi in person



Thursday 9/17 An Evening with Ramahan Faulk

Guess what: Ramahan Faulk in person!



Thursday 9/24 Old South

Filmmaker Danielle Beverly in person.



Friday 9/25 India’s Daughter

Filmmaker Leslee Udwin in person.


If you are working these shifts, note that there will be discussions most likely after the films so please make sure you stay until the talks are over.

If you aren’t signed up, please feel free to come down and check out these exciting events!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Game Day Mass September 5th Notre Dame vs. Texas


We have some info we wanted to share with you regarding the first Game Day Mass which will be Saturday September 5th. This is a pre-game Mass so it will be a little different from the post-game masses. This one is currently scheduled for a 3:00 PM shift call time.

This week we discussed the details of going to and from the event with University Parking. All ushers please enter campus through the DORR ROAD entrance. This is the road off 933 where WNDU is (across from Holy Cross). It is South of the Toll Road and North of Angela Blvd. There is normally only an unattended gate here. But for all home football games there will be an attendant checking passes. We will distribute, to all ushers participating, a University Parking-approved parking pass. Once going through the gate you will go to the end of Dorr Road and turn RIGHT on Holy Cross Drive. This takes you around the campus (the golf course will be on your right). The lot for our parking is the BK1 Lot which is on your left near the Bookstore. Please park here for the game. Here is a campus map and you’ll see Dorr Road and the BK1 Lot in the bottom left of the page:

Notre Dame Parking Map 2015

As for exiting the event you will go back the way you came and take Holy Cross Dr. to Dorr Road and exit here. This way you’ll avoid all the patrons coming in for the game on Notre Dame Blvd and Eddy Street.

If you are attending an event between now and game day please let a House Manager know and we will give you a parking pass.

If you are attending the Mass but not working any event before, please let us know so we can make arrangements with you to get you the pass.

Note these instructions are also the same if you are working the President’s Circle event that is earlier in the day with a call time of 1:00 PM.


BR350P crowded car park parking lot with automobiles. Image shot 1000. Exact date unknown.

We know that parking is going to be an issue this season (as always!) and wanted to share with you the current campus parking map that we got ahold of. We know it doesn’t make parking any more convenient but it could be helpful to know where all the campus lots are. They are marked with letters A, B, C and D.

Notre Dame Parking Map 2015

Also included is something that might come in handy, once in a while. This Fall brings us a new SHUTTLE service via a small white and red CARDINAL bus. Attached is a SHUTTLE Route map and schedule which indicates the South shuttle service that runs a loop between the Compton C1 shelter and McKenna Hall every 10-15 minutes from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Now this won’t help for many of our later performances, but it will for any weekday events when the closest parking spots are far from the building. You’ll notice that DPAC doesn’t have a shuttle stop on the map, but it is being worked on for that to happen. In the meantime, we suggest telling the driver, when you get on, that you are going to DPAC and also if taking the shuttle from DPAC, flag down the bus when you see it. Please be patient with this service, since it is new, there will be a lot of kinks to work out.

Notre Dame Shuttle Map

For most evening and weekend performances the gates are open in the Stayer lot across from the North of the building and the lot across from the Eddy Street side of the building, so that helps for those times.


TIP OF THE WEEK: STAR Usher Training

trainingIn past years we’ve had a day in the late summer where we all meet at the Center and do some refresher training. We know that it’s difficult to get everyone to come down here at the same time, so this year we’re going to try something a little different.

Each month we are going to tackle a different topic to cover for training. This way you aren’t bombarded with all the info at once, plus you can refresh in the comfort of your own homes, or at work if you’re into not doing your actual work at work!

Each month in the weekly bulletin and on the usher blog (perhaps the occasional video!) we will have the info on a specific topic. Future topics will include: how to be a STAR usher, customer service, radios, show time duties, ADA seating, scanners, venue evacuation, and shift placements.

This month we’ll kick-off our training with the Game Day Mass! (Get it? Kick-off, like in football. Clever, right?)

Please click here to go to the Game Day Mass Training page: