Tip of the Week: Usher Vests

0cd51651b735307b4b686e36e7910001We have noticed that many of the usher vests are looking well-worn and in need of replacement. As we want you all to look like the best ambassadors of the Center (that we know you are!) it is time to get new vests. Unfortunately embroidered vests are costly and Guest Services doesn’t have the budget to replace all of them at once. We are going to replace them in phases over the next few years. We are planning for 1/3 this year, 1/3 next year, and the final 1/3 the following year. If there are any increases in budget (or if there are any Guest Services winning lottery tickets in our future) it might shorten that timeline a little. We’ll see what we can do there!

We are beginning the replacement process with the student vests. This way right at the beginning of the season all of the students are wearing the same style of vest (and also we’ve noticed that theirs had the worst wear…messy students!

As for the volunteer ushers, we will be giving a few out this year. In order for fairness we are going by total number of hours worked, not just to reward those with the most hours but keeping in mind that more hours worked equals more sweater wear (practical, right!). We will let those ushers know they will be getting new vests when we get them.

Regarding the old vests, this summer we did some shifting around to weed out some of the worst looking ones. Some of you might notice a slight difference, if you do that means your vest had been switched.

As for care of the current vests, we have a few options. Last year we had them professionally laundered and several ushers mentioned that the detergent used had a problem. This year we welcome you to bring your vest home to clean. We do recommend that you hang it up to dry. Please let us know if you are bringing it home and remember to have it back for your next shift. Though we do ask that you do it this month and ultimately have it back by August 31st.

If you want to wash it before your next shift, we will keep the locker room open this week (Monday – Friday) from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, so you can stop by to pick it up.

If you would like to keep the cleanliness of your vest in our (maybe!) capable hands, please let us know and we will happily launder it for you. If you’d like to go this route, please email us by next Friday (August 7th) so we have enough time to get them done this month.

That’s enough about vests! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this vest business.

(Okay, so I Googled “Usher Vest” to get a picture for this post and all I got  were pictures of R&B musician Usher wearing a vest. So here you go.  Enjoy!)


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