Tip of the Week: Usher Vests

0cd51651b735307b4b686e36e7910001We have noticed that many of the usher vests are looking well-worn and in need of replacement. As we want you all to look like the best ambassadors of the Center (that we know you are!) it is time to get new vests. Unfortunately embroidered vests are costly and Guest Services doesn’t have the budget to replace all of them at once. We are going to replace them in phases over the next few years. We are planning for 1/3 this year, 1/3 next year, and the final 1/3 the following year. If there are any increases in budget (or if there are any Guest Services winning lottery tickets in our future) it might shorten that timeline a little. We’ll see what we can do there!

We are beginning the replacement process with the student vests. This way right at the beginning of the season all of the students are wearing the same style of vest (and also we’ve noticed that theirs had the worst wear…messy students!

As for the volunteer ushers, we will be giving a few out this year. In order for fairness we are going by total number of hours worked, not just to reward those with the most hours but keeping in mind that more hours worked equals more sweater wear (practical, right!). We will let those ushers know they will be getting new vests when we get them.

Regarding the old vests, this summer we did some shifting around to weed out some of the worst looking ones. Some of you might notice a slight difference, if you do that means your vest had been switched.

As for care of the current vests, we have a few options. Last year we had them professionally laundered and several ushers mentioned that the detergent used had a problem. This year we welcome you to bring your vest home to clean. We do recommend that you hang it up to dry. Please let us know if you are bringing it home and remember to have it back for your next shift. Though we do ask that you do it this month and ultimately have it back by August 31st.

If you want to wash it before your next shift, we will keep the locker room open this week (Monday – Friday) from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, so you can stop by to pick it up.

If you would like to keep the cleanliness of your vest in our (maybe!) capable hands, please let us know and we will happily launder it for you. If you’d like to go this route, please email us by next Friday (August 7th) so we have enough time to get them done this month.

That’s enough about vests! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this vest business.

(Okay, so I Googled “Usher Vest” to get a picture for this post and all I got  were pictures of R&B musician Usher wearing a vest. So here you go.  Enjoy!)











Wish our August babies a Happy B-Day!

8/2  Vicki W.

8/12 Bob R.

8/12 Germana N.

8/20 Rosalina A.

8/21 Kathy D.

8/30 Nancy M.







andkids shirt

This year we are doing something a little extra for ANDKids. We are going to wear t-shirts! We ordered special ANDKids t-shirts for all ushers working the event. As for sizes, we went based on your vest size, so hopefully they all fit you. The shirts will be available to pick up starting today. We’ll have them in coat check, so please come between 10:00am-4:00pm (Monday-Friday) when someone will be here from the HM office to open it.

Please take the shirt in your assigned size, as we may not have enough extras in other sizes. If your shirt doesn’t fit, bring a polo with you to your shift in case we don’t have a replacement size. If you just want to get the shirt right before your shift, please give yourself enough time so you can change into it before the briefing. Also all ushers please wear your regular black pants with it.

Please note if a sub-request is sent out for an ANDKids event, the usher filling in the spot should wear a polo shirt with their black pants. When you arrive for the shift we’ll see if we have any spare t-shirts that you can wear. These shirts are yours to keep after your shift! Any ushers who feel left out that they aren’t getting a shirt, we hope to make this a regular thing so the promise of a free t-shirt will be a great incentive to sign up for next year’s ANDKids!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Shakespeare Early Greeter and Pre-Talk Shifts

shakeYou’ll notice for the Shakespeare shifts that there are a few that may raise questions. One is the Early Greeter shifts. There are a few early in the month but start regularly when both performances William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play and The Winter’s Tale are running on the same days. These days the shift will cover greeting duties for both plays, plus the Pre-Talk for The Winter’s Tale. After greeting, the usher will go into William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play because that will be the production with the later start time.

Another shift to discuss is the Pre-Talk for The Winter’s Tale. This shift is for one usher to work each Pre-talk shift. The shift is only for the Pre-Talk but please feel free to stay and watch the play following if you’d like. Also note that the Pre-Talks August 18-23 are in the Penote and the Pre-Talks August 25-30 are in the Decio balcony. For the Decio we will open upstairs Door E for the patrons to go in and then following the talk they will exit the venue and go to their regular assigned seats before the show starts.

We hope all of you pick up multiple shifts during the month because it is going to be busy! Thanks in advance!

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival this August!




You’ll notice on the August schedule that there are many more shifts for the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival than usual. This year is the first time an extra production has been added into the mix with the original comedy: William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged). In addition to this is the Shakespeare classic: The Winter’s Tale. On top of that will be a Gala and Pre-talks for The Winter’s Tale, Backstage Tours, Explore Love Labor’s Lost, and An Evening with Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor. It’ll be a busy, busy time! We’ll need all the help we can get this month!

Here is some info on the productions (to hopefully get you excited!) for NDSF from their website:


William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged)

August 4–30, 2015

“I’ve wanted to support new work because someone gave Will Shakespeare a go,” says NDSF Ryan Producing Artistic Director Grant Mudge. To make this dream a reality, we have enlisted writers Austin Tichenor and Reed Martin, stars of the PBS film The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) and authors of The Complete History of America (abridged), to return to their Shakespearean roots and create a brand new madcap comedy inspired by the Bard. Performances of William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (abridged) will begin August 4 in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center’s Regis Philbin Studio Theatre. To explain the thematic connection, Mudge says “Shakespeare’s characters love too much, drink too much, crave too much, and are sometimes cruel to those closest to them. Shakespeare shows us our choices charting not only our own lives, but even the path of history itself. And, in the wake of those decisions, sometimes the only thing left us is to laugh.”


Discovered in a treasure-filled parking lot in Leicester, England, an ancient manuscript proves to be the long-lost first play by the young glover’s apprentice from Stratford. Using questionable scholarship and street-performer smarts, three gifted comic actors throw themselves into a fast, funny, and frenzied festival of physical finesse, witty wordplay, and plentiful (pitiful) punning.

The Winter’s Tale

August 18–30, 2015

The second NDSF Professional Company production will be The Winter’s Tale, beginning August 18 in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center’s Patricia George Decio Theatre, directed by Drew Fracher. According to Mudge, “Shakespeare put everything into this play: bears, shipwrecks, musical numbers, comedy, tragedy, magic, great love stories, bitter betrayals, and one miraculous chance for redemption.”


Accused of adultery by her royal husband, Queen Hermione dies in shame. Her newborn daughter is cast away on a distant, deserted shore. Sixteen years pass and a poor shepherd girl falls in love with a prince. Their forbidden love, her mysterious birth, and one magical statue promise stunning revelations for all.