June Birthdays!

Wish a Happy B-day to our June babies!

6/12   Jerry P.

6/22   Marilyn B-L.

6/24   Marilyn S.

6/25   Linda N.

6/29   Anastasia G.

bday 2


TIP OF THE WEEK: Summer Office Hours

Since there are not many events for the next couple months, we will be working normal business hours (aka banker’s hours!). There will be someone in the House Managers office 9am–5pm on Monday-Friday. If anybody has any questions or needs to get ahold of one of us, we will be here at these times. Of course feel free to email us at any time, just we’re more likely to respond during office hours….except Don, feel free to call him and email him at all hours of the night. His cell phone is 574-555-5555!


TIP OF THE WEEK: Parking On Campus

This Summer, as usual, there will be changes coming to campus! On June 1st we will unfortunately be losing the Hesburgh Lot that is across the street, to the West of our building. Construction of the new Jenkins Hall and Nanovic Hall begins there soon, so yes even less parking! Also on June 1st the visitor lot across from the East side of our building is going to become a gated faculty/staff lot. The bright side is it will be open after 4:30 pm on weekdays and open all weekend.

Here is a map of the construction around our building:


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but please keep it in mind for the future that you may need to give yourself a little extra time to get to your shifts.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Commencement Parking

Commencement is coming next weekend! As you know campus will be extremely busy so please give yourself plenty of time to get to your shifts.

Here is a link to the University’s page on Commencement parking:


Here also is a link to a campus map with shuttle routes and other parking lots in case your usual lot is filled up:


Parents and family will be coming from all over the country and the world for the first time to DPAC, so we appreciate you all being great ambassadors for the Center!


TIP OF THE WEEK: Pilobolus Strobe Light

This weekend’s performances of Pilobolus will feature a strobe light effect. It will take place in the first piece after intermission entitled “Inconsistent Peddler.” If patrons ask, please let them know this information. We will also post signs at all the theatre entrances alerting patrons of the use of strobe in case any have a medical condition that this will effect. We will go over this in our briefings so everyone is up to speed.