As we are getting into (hopefully) warmer days, you’ll notice that coat check is closed. We will have it open for this Saturday’s performances as part of a special reception. Apart from that we’ll only open it if we feel it’s necessary for the day’s weather, for instance last Saturday we had torrential downpours and everyone was bringing in wet umbrellas and raincoats. Since we had enough staff, it was easy to open coat check and accommodate. For Opera ND people are bringing in flowers. We can house these in coat check during the performance. Please find a student usher to help with that and we’ll put them in coat check without formally opening it. We can also make some exceptions if a few patrons really want to check their coats. Please let the House Manager or Student House Manager know. Soon nobody will need coats because of all the wonderful warm summer South Bend weather coming our way…we think!07_coatcheck


TIP OF THE WEEK: Opera ND Etiquette

This week brings us Opera ND! In going through past house manager reports to get ready for this year’s performances, we wanted to give some reminders on proper Opera etiquette! Please note that these are quieter, more intimate performances, so silence is key. As always please refrain from any unnecessary talking during the performance, of course unless you’re helping a patron. If that’s the case please do it as quietly as you can. Also if you are on radio, please turn it off during the Opera. If you could please turn your cell phones off as well. We know you always have your ringer off but even vibrate can possibly be heard throughout the venue. If you have to use your flashlight for any reason please remember to point it down so it doesn’t disturb any performers or patrons. Also the balcony is open for all performances so please be wary that we have to keep things in check up there as well.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Commencement Prep

May 15th-17th brings us Commencement. Being that we work at an educational institution it is inevitable that this will happen every year! These three days will be loaded with parents and students, most of whom will have never been to our Center before. Between now and then please take time on your shifts to reacquaint yourselves with the venues and the Center itself. We will have many ADA patrons over these days, so please get to know where all the ADA locations are for each venue. Also make sure you know where all the bathrooms and water fountains are. These little things will help greatly when you’re on the floor and with many more patrons brings many more questions. The more prepared we are, the better we can serve the masses! Now that you’re prepared and ready, please feel free to sign up for all the shifts! (Thanks in advance!)



With April here and May coming up, we’re getting to the end of the season. We’ve had a great year and want to finish strong. To make this happen please sign up for any shifts that need help, put out sub-requests in a timely manner, keep your schedule handy so you don’t miss any shifts, and maintain your overall wonderfulness (at least until Summer!) Thank you so much for all of your hard work!Hans-Franz2