TIP OF THE WEEK: Radio Etiquette

radioAlways remember that if you are on radio, when you go to your seat after the patrons have all been seated and the show is beginning, please make sure you don’t sit on your call button. It can happen very easily and unfortunately you’ll be the one who doesn’t know it. You won’t hear anything through your ear piece, but everyone else will! This can not only lead to an embarrassing situation for you (especially if you’re saying something you didn’t want anyone else to hear or if you’re making strange sounds!), but it also keeps everyone from being able to communicate. So if you are on radio, before you sit, just pull your mic wire up so you can see that you’re not sitting on or leaning on the call button. Also if you are on radio and hear that someone may have accidentally triggered their button, please look around at your fellow ushers on radio to make sure it isn’t them. If it is, then please find it in your hearts to save them from potential embarrassment!



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