FTT Presents Cloud Tectonics





The end of February brings us the latest FTT production to the Philbin Theatre: Cloud Tectonics. The play, written by renowned playwright and screenwriter José Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries), originally premiered in 1995 and is getting a unique makeover by FTT students and director Anton Juan. The play is centered around Celestina and Aníbal and the unconventional journey their love takes, along with Aníbal’s brother Nelson. The setting is in one room but spans many years of their relationship, focusing on the theme that love transcends time.

The FTT Students are tasked with creating this world where time seamlessly flows and contains the magic realism intended from Rivera’s written word. The set contains a bed that floats in and out during the performance to expand the scope of the room. Also throughout the play it will be raining. Yes, real rain! Students in FTT’s Special Effects class are currently having a contest to design the most productive way to make this happen. The winner chosen will have their system installed in the Philbin and, of course, take into consideration both keeping the patrons dry and not flooding the theatre. As you all know, we don’t need another flood!

The play runs February 19th through March 1st. If you have already signed up to work it, I hope you enjoy it. If you’re not working a shift please feel free to check it out.


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