Fr. Theodore Hesburgh 1917-2015




March Birthdays!

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Please wish a Happy B-day to our March-born friends!

3/5   Elaine T.

3/14 Dulce M.

3/20 Martha K.

3/21 Phyllis L.

3/24 Norma W.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Staying in position on a shift

When on a shift we ask that you stay in the assigned location for the duration of your shift. Of course, positions change after house closes and the show starts, but always be conscious of your position throughout the shift. Even if there are no patrons around your spot, please resist the urge to wander. Many times a patron will show up with a ticket to scan or looking for a program or any assistance and we have to make sure we always have someone in the designated positions to help. If for any reason you have to leave your position, please alert one of us so we can have that spot covered. We also recommend that you use the rest room before your call time so that nature doesn’t have a call time during the shift!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Radio Etiquette

radioAlways remember that if you are on radio, when you go to your seat after the patrons have all been seated and the show is beginning, please make sure you don’t sit on your call button. It can happen very easily and unfortunately you’ll be the one who doesn’t know it. You won’t hear anything through your ear piece, but everyone else will! This can not only lead to an embarrassing situation for you (especially if you’re saying something you didn’t want anyone else to hear or if you’re making strange sounds!), but it also keeps everyone from being able to communicate. So if you are on radio, before you sit, just pull your mic wire up so you can see that you’re not sitting on or leaning on the call button. Also if you are on radio and hear that someone may have accidentally triggered their button, please look around at your fellow ushers on radio to make sure it isn’t them. If it is, then please find it in your hearts to save them from potential embarrassment!


Junior Parents Weekend (JPW) February 20th-22nd

Just wanted to let you know that next weekend is Junior Parents Weekend, or JPW to which you may hear it referred. As always, this weekend will bring a lot of traffic to campus and to our Center. Ushers who are working this weekend, please give yourself extra time to get to your shift. Also keep in mind there will be many patrons who are new to the Center, so please show them your usual great hospitality and service. Thanks!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Screening Shifts End Times

As film screenings vary in running time, please notice the end time of your shift. Some films are a breezy hour and a half and then you’ll get one that’s Titanic sized! Sometimes we’ll get a double feature, so it could be even longer. (Also note that a scheduled double feature does still count as one shift.) Prior to putting up film shifts, we are aware of the running time for the feature (or features) and factor that in the end time for the shift. If we get any changes prior to the screening, we will notify you so you are best prepared for your shift. Enjoy the show!



Meet Our New Ushers!

Hello everybody! Please take time to get acquainted with our 9 (!) new ushers. You may have seen these friendly faces on a shift already and you’ll be seeing more of them because they’re all doing such a great job! Here are some fun facts about each:


Elizabeth H.

Hometown:  South Bend

Occupation:  Information Strategy Consultant, University Relations Department, University of Notre Dame

Hobbies:  Pilates, yoga, bicycling, reading, cooking

Favorite Food:  Fruit, especially local blueberries, cherries, and strawberries

Favorite Live Performance:  Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Johnny and June Carter Cash, or Straight No Chaser

Favorite Artist: Yo-Yo Ma


20150113_180117Janine M.

Hometown: South Bend

Occupation: Lead Administrative Assistant, Enrollment Division, University of Notre Dame

Hobbies: Knitting, sewing, and reading

Favorite Food: Roast, mashed potatoes/gravy, carrots

Favorite Live Performance: Fiddler on the Roof

Favorite Artist: Harry Chapin

I’m married to Kevin (33 years), have two grown children (daughter and son), and expecting first grandchild (a girl) this month!


20150113_181004Janine P.

Hometown:  Chicago

Occupation:  Retired

Hobbies:  Research reading; distance walking; cooking

Favorite Food:  Artichoke hearts and Strawberry Twizzlers (not together!)

Favorite Live Performance:  Any Met performance

Favorite Artist:  Placido Domingo

I’m excited to be part of the Notre Dame community!


20150213_175025Linda F. 

Hometown: I grew up in Niles, Michigan and that’s where I live now.   I have a B.S. degree in Secondary Education from IUSB.

Occupation: I retired from the Postal Service after 37 years of service.  I was the first female union steward and also the first female mail handler at the South Bend office.
Favorite Food: Pizza, spaghetti, steak, Chinese.  I can go a whole year without ever having any fruit so I made a New Year’s Resolution to eat 1 piece of fruit a day.

Favorite Live Performance: Cats is my favorite live performance because one of the main cats reminds me of a person I knew and also it changed the way I felt about not liking cats, thinking of them as evil bird killers, to loving them as pets.

Favorite Artist: My favorite artist is Charley Harper.  I have 5 signed serigraphs.


20150113_180314Pauline B.

Hometown:  Born and grew up in Washington, D.C., but have lived in South Bend for 45 years

Occupation: South Bend Community School Corporation – Special Education Department – Budgets and Grants

Hobbies: Reading, Gardening, Grandchildren, outdoor exercise – walking and cross country skiing, – annual Grandma Camp

Favorite Food: I really like most everything and love to eat and cook so . . .  impossible to pick up a favorite

Favorite Live Performance:  Standouts have been:  Kingston Trio as a teenager at an outdoor amphitheater, once traveled to several cities to see Mikhail Baryshnikov, Barbara Streisand’s “final concert” in the mid-60s at Soldier Field, Pavarotti at the United Center – not a great venue, but worth it, Cats at several venues, many local productions at every level, high school, Notre Dame, community theater.

I love making snow angels!


20150113_180635Phyllis L.

Hometown:  South Bend, IN

Occupation: Retired teacher. I taught 38 years in the classroom in South Bend Schools and spent 5 years as a trainer and supervisor of tutors for the Fundations K-2 skills program in South Bend.

Hobbies: Reading, knitting, crocheting

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Live Performance: Mamma Mia

Favorite Artist:  Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

I love to cook and bake!


20150113_181024Reynaldo H.

Hometown: I was born in Robstown TX, grew up between Bowling Green and Toledo OH, but have lived in South Bend since 1967.

Occupation: I have worked a variety of jobs from white collar to blue collar to no collar, and currently work part-time as a limo driver.

Hobbies: I enjoy listening to and sometimes making music (sing, play a little guitar, compose a few songs).  I like to stay abreast of all things politically progressive and be active in some of them.  I also like to stay physically active.

Favorite Food: Mexican and I enjoy trying other international cuisine.

Favorite Performance: Hard to name a favorite performance, but the experience getting to hear Joan Baez way back in the 70’s was nothing short of awesome.  An old folkie at heart, I especially treasure the musical contributions of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

I may be old, but I try hard not to act my age!


20150113_180335Susan C.

Hometown: South Bend

Occupation:  Administrative Assistant at the Institute for Church Life, University of Notre Dame

Hobbies: Hiking, gardening, reading

Favorite Food: Anything I don’t have to cook…and chocolate

Favorite Live Performance: In the Heights on Broadway

Favorite Artist: Bruce Springsteen



20150113_180132Tim K.

Hometown:  42 years in New Jersey, but now split between Jersey Shore (summers) and South Bend (Oct through April)

Occupation:  Retired CPA with a couple of the big firms

Hobbies:  None really in the traditional sense, but I guess I could say Notre Dame Athletics. I have season tickets to women’s basketball, and frequently at men’s basketball, and both teams lacrosse and soccer.

Favorite Food:  My wife’s lasagna (in case she reads this). No, seriously, that’s really it.

Favorite Live Performance: Having lived in New Jersey all those years and working in Manhattan, we’ve been to maybe 50 -100 Broadway shows and at least as many local productions. But the best was seeing Sutton Foster and Joel Grey in Anything Goes a few years ago, two nights before she left the show to do TV.

Favorite Artist: The Dave Clark Five, Rod Stewart (but the later, Great American Songbook Rod Stewart; not the earlier, cheesy pseudo-rock Rod Stewart)