Hot Chocolate Party Recap

We hope you all had fun at the Hot Chocolate Party on Monday.  As you know, the party is not only a wonderful social gathering but also a great chance to discuss issues that may have come up over the past year. We want to thank all of you for your feedback regarding the Football Awards evacuation in December.

Here are some of the points of focus:

  • Please lead the patrons out of your section. Don’t hold doors for them to go ahead of you. Let them know to follow you and then go. We know this is difficult to do, as some patrons may not want to follow, but do your best. Your safety is important too!
  • Communication on the radio is vital in figuring out what is going on and where to go, so please be attentive to that. If you are not on radio, please stay close to an usher who is so they can relay any instructions to you. When a shift begins take note of who is on radio and who is not.
  • Many issues with this situation had to do with the freezing temperatures that night. The weather can play a strong part in patrons’ hesitation to go outside, but unfortunately going outside is the essential part of a building evacuation. For future evacuations where the outside conditions are a factor, we will notify all ushers of an open building to lead the patrons to.

We know these kinds of situations are the hardest to prepare for and we want you to know that under the circumstances all of you did a terrific job! Thank you for your great work!


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