Game Day Mass…Always Learning Something New

Each time the center hosts the mass following a Notre Dame home football game, there is no doubt we learn something new for how to make improvements to our processes.  We appreciate your patience as we modify our game plans, but do know that many things we are doing are working well!

To assist us in one area, knowing who the Extraordinary Ministers are for mass, we’ve created a separate shift for these commissioned ministers.  By signing up for this shift, you will more than likely be needed to distribute the Eucharist, and if not, you will work as an usher.  Creating this separate shift lets YOU know if we need this role filled, since many of you kindly email us to find out if we’re staffed.

Next, for each position an usher fulfills during a mass, we’ve created instruction pages that tell you and only you your role for offertory and Eucharist distribution.  Just so you know, nothing has changed as to how we do these two tasks; we just felt it important to minimize confusion and assist with disseminating information with ushers arriving at such staggered intervals to give individual game plans.

Finally, call times for volunteers and students have been moved to 6:30 for post-game masses.  We have enjoyed the comradery in the cinema watching the game with our volunteers, but many have said your arrival is rather early.  Our advice, use your judgment when to arrive on campus;  following halftime is your best bet to avoid being a fish upstream if you arrive when stadium patrons are leaving campus.  Remember though, our building remains locked until 7:00 PM.  The entrances of the center, both north and south doors, will be checked at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, and 6:30.  If for any reason you have to arrive at a different time, call the usher hotline (631-2300) and leave a message for the House Manager.  The House Manager will respond to your message as soon as possible.

So we hope these little improvements help make things go even smoother!  From the feedback we hear following mass, our ushers are doing an outstanding job!  Way to Pray like a Champion!

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