A Warm Welcome to our New Students

It’s our pleasure to introduce all of our new students! Working with them has been such a joy and we are so excited for the school year ahead! Please take a moment to get to know each of them and as always, extend your warmth and friendliness as they work beside you during our performances.

tomTom Boyle

Hometown: Western Springs, IL. Intended Major:  Architect. Hobbies: Traveling, Eating, Drawing. Dream Job: Head of my own architecture firm.

GraceGrace Bushong

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin. Intended Major: Computer Science. Hobbies: I enjoy playing violin and piano, reading, going for walks, and biking. Dream Job: A reporter uncovering political scandal back in the days of print newspaper, but nowadays I’d say google doodle designer.

LouiseLouise Gallagher

Hometown: Tewksbury, NJ. Major: Anthropology and Art History. Hobbies: running, singing, reading, watching Greys anatomy. Dream Job: Paid to travel!

KateKate Girdhar 

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA. Major: Arts & Letters Pre-Professional. Hobbies: reading, writing, singing, baking. Dream Job: physician + novelist.

DulceDulce Macias

Hometown: Hemet, CA. Intended Major: International Economics in German. Hobbies: Playing my bassoon in the University Band, solving jigsaw puzzles, and obsessing over any type of music. Dream Job: Bed tester. Just kidding! I want to be an economist at a company and help them become more aware of and address poverty issues.

ThereseTherese McCarry

Hometown: My family is from Southern California, but I have lived in Japan and France for the past 9 years. Intended Major: Management Consulting and Environmental Sciences. Hobbies: Baking, Watching movies, Reading. Dream Job: A job that includes international business trips.

HarryHarry Parker

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA. Intended Major: Finance. Hobbies: Playing Baseball, Hiking, and Going to the Beach. Dream Job: Investment Manager.

PriscillaPriscilla Quaye

Hometown: Niles, MI. Major: Architecture. Hobbies: Reading, volunteering, traveling, taking walks, singing, meeting new people. Dream Job: I’m not sure!

PatrickPatrick Shields

Hometown: Norristown, PA. Intended Major: Physics. Hobbies: Guitar, Singing, Theater. Dream Job: Astrophysicist.

MeganSMegan Shoemaker

Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin. Intended Major: Statistics. Hobbies: running, listening to music, hiking. Dream Job: food critic or Iron Chef.

SydneySydney Siverston

Hometown: Indianapolis (Fishers), IN. Intended Major: Engineering (right now undecided, but interested in biomedical sciences). Hobbies: Running (occasionally), laughing, Ancestry.com, reading, going to the zoo, and pretty much everything else 🙂 Dream Job: Not sure, would love to be involved in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

KathrynKathryn Tyler

Hometown: Bismarck, ND. Intended majors: FTT and Business. Hobbies: songwriting, playing the piano and guitar, watching movies, going for walks, family time. Dream job: film actress, or some other job in the film creative process

JonathanJonathan Unger

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio. Major: Architecture. Hobbies: Violin. Dream Job: Architect.

doloresDolores Vargas

Hometown: Hayward, CA. Intended Major: Psychology and German. Hobbies: sewing, knitting, drawing, playing video games,Netflix. Dream Job: Child Psychologist/Therapist in Germany.


Farewell to Denise Sullivan!

DeniseTruly with tears in our eyes we bid a fond farewell to the center’s Specials Events Program Manager Denise Sullivan!  Here since it all began, Denise has touched many of us with her warm personality and attention to detail during Commencement ceremonies, Alumni Reunion weekends, or Snite Galas; she was truly a gift to the center!  As she leaves us, Denise will be assuming the title of Officer Assistant to the Chief of Staff in the Office of the President!  She’ll be gone but will still bring her talents to the University of Notre Dame!

In her final days at the center, Denise wanted to say to our ushers:

Eleven years ago I started working at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center – the first year being the hard-hat tour days!  I had no idea how fast the time would pass or what beautiful friends and memories I would make over the years.

I witnessed the inauguration of the volunteer usher corps and watched with joy how it has continued to grow and flourish.  What each of you has given to the center, the University, and the arts is so appreciated and we could never have gotten this far without you.  The commitment and pride each of you brings to the delivery of the arts at Notre Dame is amazing.  

It is my time to move to the next challenge in my professional life, but I will miss seeing you all on a regular basis.  However, I plan to be back frequently as a patron!  Thank you for supporting me during my time here and making the delivery of special events (and everything else) look seamless.  You are the heartbeat of DPAC!  Keep up the good work.  You never know…someday I might be back as a volunteer usher myself!

Wishing you all the best!


TIP OF THE WEEK: Football Fridays at the Center

There is nothing quite like a home football game at Notre Dame, and the day before the action is pretty busy on campus.  Our usher staff is invited to dress in ND attire while working the tour shifts surrounding the 12-4 time slot for patrons to visit our available venues.  If you’ve signed up to be a tour guide, remember that our Guest Services website has a building information guide for you to reference.  Go Irish! ndfootball

Ice Cream Social 2014

With ice cream bowls filled, we gathered again in the lobby of the center to kick off another exciting year at the center!  If you weren’t with us, here is what you missed:

  • Anna Thompson greeted the ushers and kicked off the 10th
  • New Assistant House Manager Susan Donoho was introduced.
  • Fourteen new student ushers introduced themselves sharing their dorm and hometown! Our new student staff will begin working immediately.  Be sure to introduce yourself at your next shift!
  • We shared some recent feedback posted on our Performing Arts Center website – “An older couple in front of us came in soaked and the usher brought them a blanket. Wow!”  and “Your staff of ushers was exceptional!”  Keep up the great work!
  • Usher perks card for the season and fall vouchers for 2 discounted Presenting Series tickets were distributed. (Those who weren’t there, please ask for yours at your next shift.  Ticket Office expects each usher to show their card upon receiving tickets.)
  • Next gathering – Tuesday, October 21st, at 6:00, the Private Usher Screening for you and a guest. Begin emailing us your title suggestions now keeping in mind that your choice must be on DVD by the 21st!  (Oh, and with so many intense movies recently, a comedy title is preferred!)