When a patron attends a performance using an E-ticket, also known as a Print-at-Home ticket, there has been some confusion as to what barcode ushers should scan since there are two.  The only barcode capable of scanning the ticket is the one located in the E-ticket field; the other barcode at the bottom of the page, which is much larger, is not one our ticket scanners can read.   If you are having troubles, please contact a House Manager before tearing off a barcode and sending a patron inside the venue.

Click on the link to view a sample:  E-Ticket Sample


Game Day Mass: Frequently Asked Questions

As we approach the inaugural game day mass in the Leighton Concert Hall Saturday, we hope to learn many more details to share with our ushers.  Here is a review of some of the details we have already told you and a couple of your questions:

  • What time will mass begin? For most of the home games this fall, mass will begin 30 minutes following the game.  On September 6th, the mass precedes the game with a call time of 3:00 for a 4:30 mass.
  • Where can I park? For this Saturday’s mass, we have told ushers in the August 8th Weekly Bulletin to arrive on campus after halftime to bypass parking attendant issues.  We have suggested finding any open space in the lot northwest of the center.  If a parking attendant would stop you simply inform them of your role as a volunteer usher for the mass at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, the recommended parking option from Les Niedbalski in Parking Services.
  • What do I wear? Ushers should wear their uniform.
  • What is my role during mass? Ushers will perform their usual roles of greeting and seating patrons.  Then during the mass, ushers will continue to help patrons find seats, assist with the offertory baskets, help the Eucharistic Minister find their distribution location, and guide patrons out of rows for Eucharist distribution.
  • Do I need to be Catholic to usher? No, all are welcome and encouraged.
  • How do I gain access to the building? Because the center will remain locked to avoid crowds coming inside to use our facilities, a house manager will be checking the north doors every 15 minutes beginning at 5:00.  If it’s raining outside please know you CAN always access the vestibule of the center; it’s the INNER doors which remain locked.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Confirming Shifts

Whether it’s an event, performance, screening, or social gathering, ushers must confirm shifts by the 15th of each month.  You can save yourself the trouble of reading our reminder emails by confirming as you sign up, or you can use the Assignments tab and confirm your shifts in a batch.  Either way you choose, this step is necessary for the house managers to know whether you are ushering or not.

TIP OF THE WEEK: MyVolunteerPage.com Shift Sign-Up Issue

We get a couple of emails each month from ushers who experience issues with getting shifts they know they selected but don’t eventually see on their assignments tab.  Please keep in mind, when you’re signing up for shifts at noon on the 10th, so is everyone else.  With so many scrambling to get the same shift, it’s a matter of seconds making the difference for who actually wins out.  So when we get emails from ushers who were certain they did everything correctly, you probably did….just not quickly enough.


Tour our Website!

Using your feedback from the survey conducted in May, we have given our Guest Services website a slight facelift!  We encourage you to explore the website to learn the ways it can help you in the future.  Here is a quick tour of the tabs (the green hyperlink tabs will take you there):

  • HOME – This tab will always be the most up-to-date Tips of the Week and newsletter articles.
  • ABOUT – General information about the Performing Arts Center, our mission, and general building information.
  • TRAINING – Broken up in sections, you can peruse the Usher Manual by online sections or your able to open (and print) a pdf version of the Usher Manual. Interested in Building Information to be a tour guide in the future?  Use the pdf version of the Building Information.
  • STUDENTS – Reference information for our student usher staff.
  • PERKS – Providing our ushers a list of all 2014-2015 usher gatherings and a detailed list of usher perks for the season.
  • APPLY – For potential volunteer ushers, this tab lists the duties of a volunteer usher.
  • CONTACT – Need our phone number, email address, or other important center information? Use this tab.
  • The right-hand margin contains NEWSLETTER TOPICS where previous articles have been organized by topics, and it contains ARCHIVES where previous articles have been organized by their date. Use this feature to search old articles for reference.

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Parking & Construction Update

As you will soon see, the construction crew is working quickly to finish Holy Cross Drive in front of the Performing Arts Center.  Since weather and other unknown factors can delay projects, we are uncertain of its completion date; however, the goal is to have access to Holy Cross Drive and the ADA lot east of the center as soon as next week.  With our fingers (and toes) crossed for this completion, we remind you again that your best options during daytime ushering are the C lots by the stadium or after 5:00 in the two lots across from the center, if not limited by student move-in.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Salon Seating…What is that?

As you sign up for September shifts, several of our September performers (and more in the months to come) are using onstage (aka “salon”) seating in the Leighton Concert Hall.  Many of you have already worked performances in the Concert Hall in this intimate seating arrangement where the performer faces upstage, and patrons are seated onstage or in the choral terrace viewing the expanse of the concert hall.

For our ushers, your positions haven’t changed; you’re still greeting, scanning tickets, passing out programs, and helping patrons find their seats.  The difference?  The audience enters down the men’s restroom hallway, through the backstage entrance, and onto the stage.  It’s up close and personal, and it gives both performer and audience a different perspective.

Look for Nathan Gunn, Akropolis Reed Quintet, and Les Six in a salon near you!