TIP OF THE WEEK: ANDkids World Film Festival 2014

2014_ANDKids_web_01Shifts for the July events and performances will be opening on the 10th, and headlining the July shifts is the ANDkids (Arts at Notre Dame) World Film Festival beginning July 23rd. The region’s signature summer children’s film festival, now in its fourth year, will feature an entertaining, educational, and diverse line-up of new films for both children and adults.  Hands down, it’s a blast!

Check out the line-up of films, all of which are free and open to the general public, at http://performingarts.nd.edu/andkids/.  As in years past, the center is inviting children to participate in the planning and execution of the festival.  If you know of any children interested in filling the following roles, please contact Ted Barron at ebarron2@nd.edu.  Your email should include the names and ages of the children who would like to participate and also include what role the children would like to perform from the following list:

  • Film Reviewers – We are looking for kids to preview films, write reviews of 90-120 words and introduce films in front of a live audience.
  • Ushers – We are looking for kids to act as festival greeters and ushers.
  • Narrators/Actors – We are looking for kids to read aloud subtitles during screenings of international films with English subtitles.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Summer Hours

Since performances and events slow down significantly in the summer months, here are the summer hours for different entities around the center:

  • Docents-tours continue Monday-Friday from 12-2, except on major holidays.
  • Guest Services Department-schedules can vary, but most of the staff works Monday-Friday from 9-5.
  • Ticket Office-closed June 1s – June 30th.  Tickets can still be purchased online for upcoming events.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Commencement Weekend

commThe center will be filled with enthusiastic, proud, and, at times, stressed-out visitors enjoying performances and commencements to conclude the school year.  Your knowledge of the center will be invaluable as you approach lost patrons and direct them to restrooms, to correct venues, to the Ticket Office, and even to the correct building.  With DeBartolo Hall and the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center so close in name, patrons can easily get mixed up.  Pick up a helpful 2014 Commencement guide near coat check to assist anyone.

Farewell to Marcus Liddell and Alex Leslie

As with every year, the end of the school year comes upon us and we must say goodbye to our students for a few months.  These goodbyes can be bittersweet as we say farewell to our senior student ushers who will leave the university and begin to navigate the real world.  Happy trails seniors!

marcusMarcus Liddell started as an usher at DPAC in his first semester at Notre Dame (Fall 2010). Marcus took his time deciding, but eventually majored in German, with minors in Peace Studies and Education, Schooling & Society. Next year, he will be teaching English in Greifswald, Germany, on a Fulbright fellowship. Following that, he will return to America as a member of Teach For America’s 2015 corps. He would like to thank everyone he worked with these past four years, especially in his role working and introducing midnight movies (now late night movies). He intends to return to visit Notre Dame when he gets back from Germany, and hopes some of you will remember him.

alexAlex Leslie started ushering at the center at the start of his sophomore year (2011), but he studied abroad at Trinity College Dublin all of his junior year and took off last fall semester in order to concentrate on applying to grad school. Alex is receiving a degree in English Literature and Philosophy, and next year he will begin his Ph.D. in Literature at Rutgers University. As a member of the Notre Dame Glee Club and the Notre Dame Undertones, Alex has had several opportunities to work both on and off stage at the center. He fondly remembers experiencing opera for the first time at the center – Donizetti’s Anna Bolena – and is thankful to everyone for contributing to the great work environment!



TIP OF THE WEEK: Michiana Jewish Film Festival, May 12-15

Beginning Monday, the annual Michiana Jewish Film Festival will showcase eight of the world’s best contemporary Jewish films.  Just a couple reminders for our ushers working or attending the festival:

  • Since this is sponsored by another entity, ushers won’t be able to redeem free tickets to this event.
  • Vouchers are used quite often during the festival.  Remember, these vouchers must be redeemed at the Ticket Office for an actual ticket.  No bar code to scan?  Then it’s not a ticket.  And since some of these screenings could sell out like in years past, we have to ensure enough seats in the venue.
  • From notes we took at last year’s festival, ushers are encouraged to keep a flashlight on hand, instruct all patrons to have an actual seat, and remind patrons to move to the center of the row.


TIP OF THE WEEK: Severe Weather Reminder

Now that severe weather season is upon us, it’s a helpful reminder to our ushers to review our center’s policy.  If the weather outside is severe, a stage manager will interrupt the performance to announce to patrons.   For everyone’s safety, patrons and ushers should remain inside the venue until the severe weather passes.  When appropriate, the performance will resume.weather