Calling All Alfred Hitchcock Fans!!

Undoubtedly, many of you have viewed and enjoyed a vast array of movie films over the years.  And of all that you’ve seen, sometimes there’s nothing like taking in a film classic from times past.  What better place to do this than in the Browning Theater and who better to enjoy than the iconic director and producer, Alfred Hitchcock.hitchcock

Regarded as England’s best filmmaker, Hitchcock produced more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades.  A pioneer inventor in the making of suspense and psychological thrillers, Hitchcock’s work established himself as a master technician of twisted plots and memorable character creation.  Probably more than any other filmmaker, his name evokes instant expectations on the part of the audience; at least two or three great chills (and a few more good ones), some striking black comedy, and elements of sex and violence for good measure.  Movies by Alfred Hitchcock range from the irrefutable masterpieces to minor classics to astonishing experiences in the language of film.

One well known Hitchcock trademark had him making cameo appearances in the beginnings of his films.  He knew viewers were watching for him and he didn’t want to divert their attention from the story’s plot. (See if you can spot him next time you’re watching one of his movies.)cameo

During this current school semester, a stellar selection of Hitchcock films are being presented in the Browning.  So far this year, renowned classics including The Lodger (1926) 39 Steps (1935), Rebecca (1940), Notorious (1946), and Rear Window (1954), have already been offered.rear

Alas, if you happened to miss any of these older, superb films, don’t despair.  The Browning plans to show several more later made Hitchcock classics throughout the month of April.  Pencil in the following dates on your calendar to catch the remaining film series selections:  Vertigo on 4/2, North by Northwest on 4/9, Psych on 4/16, The Birds on 4/23, and Marnie on 4/30.  Start times for all shows is 8:00 pm.birds

So head on over, grab some popcorn and treat yourself to an evening of terrific movie nostalgia and entertainment.


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