FTT’s Blood Wedding

blood_wedding_still_from_trailerClose your eyes and transport yourself to Spain circa 1930’s during a time of great unrest and political turmoil. This is when Blood Wedding, written by Spanish dramatist Frederico Garcia Lorca, takes place.  Lorca is famous for his contributions to poetry and the world of theatre…but he is also remembered for his involvement in the twisted world of politics in Spain during pre and Revolutionary times.

Blood Wedding is considered a romantic tragedy, based on a true story, which follows the intertwining lives of two families who are going to be joined in marriage…until tragedy strikes. Throughout the story we are constantly reminded of the cycle of life, the consequences of our decisions, and how sneaky fate can be.

Director, Anton Juan, and his team of FTT students have worked very hard to bring this intriguing story to life. Not only is the play noteworthy, but the combination of visiting scholars and a well-known Flamenco dancer are sure to make this a memorable experience. On stage we will see an interesting combination of nature-based themes, artistically strong staging, and deep emotional theme that reaches our very core.

We’re all looking forward to this production.  The team working on it is sure to give us quite the Spanish treat!

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