Tip of the Week: Construction Update

It’s very exciting to learn the details of the over 13 different construction projects the university has in the works!  To think Notre Dame is thriving says a lot about our future.  With this progress comes a price, and that price will include parking issues and road closures for quite a while.  In order to prepare for these new structures, the university has been installing the underground utilities.  As you’ve seen, roads have been affected, with more of this to come.

What does this mean for our ushers?  First, pay close attention to our weekly communication where we will keep you abreast of the latest closures.  Next, plan ahead so you have ample time to navigate around any unexpected road closures.  Finally, be prepared to walk.  Like the entire center staff, you may have to walk from a parking lot farther away.  We ask that you resist the temptation to park in the visitor’s lot unless you wish to purchase the coupon at the Ticket Office for a reduced price.  (The visitor’s lot will soon be commandeered to hold all the dirt from the different construction sites anyway!)

What does this mean for our patrons?  Since this is a public building accessed by our community, we must be patient with our patrons who express their frustrations upon entering our building.  We nod, smile, and empathize with their concerns.  Get them excited about the new buildings to come while enveloping them in exceptional customer service to take their minds off the mess!  No one likes construction, but the results will be amazing!  Just think what it was like when the center and Eddy Street Commons were being built, and now look at the results and impact!  I’d say it’s worth the wait.



Calling All Alfred Hitchcock Fans!!

Undoubtedly, many of you have viewed and enjoyed a vast array of movie films over the years.  And of all that you’ve seen, sometimes there’s nothing like taking in a film classic from times past.  What better place to do this than in the Browning Theater and who better to enjoy than the iconic director and producer, Alfred Hitchcock.hitchcock

Regarded as England’s best filmmaker, Hitchcock produced more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades.  A pioneer inventor in the making of suspense and psychological thrillers, Hitchcock’s work established himself as a master technician of twisted plots and memorable character creation.  Probably more than any other filmmaker, his name evokes instant expectations on the part of the audience; at least two or three great chills (and a few more good ones), some striking black comedy, and elements of sex and violence for good measure.  Movies by Alfred Hitchcock range from the irrefutable masterpieces to minor classics to astonishing experiences in the language of film.

One well known Hitchcock trademark had him making cameo appearances in the beginnings of his films.  He knew viewers were watching for him and he didn’t want to divert their attention from the story’s plot. (See if you can spot him next time you’re watching one of his movies.)cameo

During this current school semester, a stellar selection of Hitchcock films are being presented in the Browning.  So far this year, renowned classics including The Lodger (1926) 39 Steps (1935), Rebecca (1940), Notorious (1946), and Rear Window (1954), have already been offered.rear

Alas, if you happened to miss any of these older, superb films, don’t despair.  The Browning plans to show several more later made Hitchcock classics throughout the month of April.  Pencil in the following dates on your calendar to catch the remaining film series selections:  Vertigo on 4/2, North by Northwest on 4/9, Psych on 4/16, The Birds on 4/23, and Marnie on 4/30.  Start times for all shows is 8:00 pm.birds

So head on over, grab some popcorn and treat yourself to an evening of terrific movie nostalgia and entertainment.

Tip of the Week: Sweaters over Sweater Vests

We know it’s chilly outside, and believe me, we wish it would warm up quickly!  Since the usher uniform was streamlined and all our ushers are recognizable by this uniform, by all means bundle up to keep warm by layering with turtlenecks and thermal undergarments.  If you still need an additional sweater, we ask that you wear it during the performance or screening but not while house is open.


Art and Soul of Notre Dame Inaugural Gala

Enjoy reading more about the center’s 10th anniversary gala in April…

When?  April 7, 2014

Where?  Cipriani 42 in New York Citycipriani

Who?  Hosted by the Performing Arts Center and co-chaired by Susan Saint James and Dick Ebersol and Lauran & Justin Tuck (ND class of ’05)ebersolstucks

What is planned?  With cocktails, dinner, and a special performance by none other than Diavolo Dance Theater, the 10th anniversary gala will be a night to remember.diavolo2

Why?  Commemorating a decade of the performing and cinematic arts at Notre Dame to benefit the Education Endowment for Excellence in the Performing & Cinematic Arts

April shifts at a glance…

Because several of the shifts in April may be new to ushers, here is a quick glance at a few that might interest you…

Sacred Music – Joan of Arc:  I Was Born for This – April 4th

joanTaken from one of her most famous quotes, “I am not afraid; I was born to do this,” the Sacred Music Joan of Arc performance in the Leighton Concert Hall will be like none other.  In 1928 the film The Passion of Joan of Arc was made and is considered one of the greatest films of all time.  Much later in 1994, composer Richard Einhorn wrote the cantata Voices of Light to underscore the silent film.  Both works will merge on the Leighton stage with full orchestra and choir (with our own Sean Martin in the ensemble!).

FTT Symposium:  Fascism, War, and Historical Schisms in Contemporary Europe – April 9th & 10th

symposium_poster10Preceding two performances of FTT’s Blood Wedding will be two symposiums in the Philbin discussing themes relevant to the play:

  • April 9th – Panelists Dr. Carlos Jerez-Farran and Dr. Teresa Phelps will discuss Fascism and War:  Garcia Lorca and the Spanish Truth.
  • April 10th – Panelists Caridad Svich, Yiannis Lymtsioulis, and Dr. Diana Jorza will discuss Historical Schisms:  Europe, Spain, and Garcia Lorca

Screening:  Lenny Cooke – April 12th

lennyProfessional sports is known as a true meritocracy, a field in which the cream really does rise to the top, as there’s simply too much money at stake to operate in any other fashion. In uncommon instances, however, inefficiencies can occur and gifted players may fall through the cracks. Such is the story of Lenny Cooke. In 2001, Cooke was the number-one ranked high school basketball player in America, with future NBA greats LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony listed beneath him. Yet after declaring himself eligible for the 2002 NBA draft, Cooke, shockingly, ended up going undrafted, and became a journeyman playing in little-known leagues across the world. Today he lives in southern Virginia, a should-have-been-great who simply did not quite make it. The first documentary feature from American independent film scene fixtures Josh & Benny Safdie, LENNY COOKE explores the fascinating question of how, exactly, Cooke’s seemingly assured future could go so awry.


Tip of the Week: Sub Requests

During the busy months ahead, we hope that you are choosing your shifts with careful consideration of your personal calendars. Check your shifts carefully before confirming them on the 15th because sub requests after the 15th should be reserved for illness or emergencies, especially on weekends where we have had much difficulty filling shifts.

FTT’s Blood Wedding

blood_wedding_still_from_trailerClose your eyes and transport yourself to Spain circa 1930’s during a time of great unrest and political turmoil. This is when Blood Wedding, written by Spanish dramatist Frederico Garcia Lorca, takes place.  Lorca is famous for his contributions to poetry and the world of theatre…but he is also remembered for his involvement in the twisted world of politics in Spain during pre and Revolutionary times.

Blood Wedding is considered a romantic tragedy, based on a true story, which follows the intertwining lives of two families who are going to be joined in marriage…until tragedy strikes. Throughout the story we are constantly reminded of the cycle of life, the consequences of our decisions, and how sneaky fate can be.

Director, Anton Juan, and his team of FTT students have worked very hard to bring this intriguing story to life. Not only is the play noteworthy, but the combination of visiting scholars and a well-known Flamenco dancer are sure to make this a memorable experience. On stage we will see an interesting combination of nature-based themes, artistically strong staging, and deep emotional theme that reaches our very core.

We’re all looking forward to this production.  The team working on it is sure to give us quite the Spanish treat!