Hot Chocolate Party Meeting Notes

If you weren’t able to be with us on Monday, January 13th, for our annual Hot Chocolate Party and screening, besides Argo, here is what you missed:

  • Congratulations on a great first semester!  Most shifts and all sub requests were filled.
  • We reminded ushers of the goal of 100 hours, with a minimum of 75 hours, which begins in January and runs through December.
  • KristaRose will be going on sick leave for an undetermined period of time.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she takes this time to heal.  During this time, you might notice that we fall behind on newsletter articles and email response time because as Megan and I house manage more, we’ll be in the office less.  Also, as you send sub requests, you will get an out-of-office auto response email from KristaRose’s account; since one email goes to pacusher and another to our personal accounts, do know that we’ve received it!
  • February is very busy.  Don’t forget the bonus qualifier is 5 shifts, one from the 2/21 weekend.
  • Name tags were distributed.  Ask your house manager for yours at your next shift!hotchoc

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