Tip of the Week: Cold and Flu Season

canstock4753819Dear Miss Managers,

Since cold and flu season is upon us, is there anything you can suggest to keep your usher staff healthy?

In poor health,

Indie Sposed


Dear Indie,

First and foremost, if you are sick, it’s best to send a sub request and find a replacement for your shift.  This will prevent sharing your germs with your fellow ushers and patrons.  Second, use the Clorox wipes provided in the usher locker room to wipe down your headset before wearing, preventing the spread of germs from the previous wearer.  Finally, be sure to sanitize your hands after you’ve worked a shift; you never know what a “sweep” of the venue could leave on your hands!

Healthy as ever,

Miss Managers


One thought on “Tip of the Week: Cold and Flu Season

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