A Celtic Christmas


‘Tis the season for warm drinks, a crackling fire, cozy sweaters and traditional holiday music. Nothing says cozy like the cool, countryside of Ireland. Ushering in December, our Presenting Series invites Danu to settle us into this wonderful time of year.

Danu (named after the Irish goddess of knowledge, wisdom and wealth) is coming to us, for a second year, from Co. Waterford in SE Ireland. The band has become one of Ireland’s greatest traditional-folk bands. This concert will be made up primarily of traditional Irish Christmas music.

What makes up traditional Celtic music? In the minds of many, this style of music comes from Ireland and Scotland, but it can also claim its origin as far as Spain and Portugal! American bluegrass and country music were directly inspired by traditional Celtic music. Typically, you will find pipes, harps and some sort of fiddle or guitar accompanied at times by a vocalist.

We extend a warm welcome or fáilte and hope to see all of you at this great concert!


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