Tip of the Week: Sweater Vests

It has taken quite a while due to back-ordered vests and incorrect embroidery, but each usher should now have a sweater vest assignment.  Moving forward, here are some questions to ask yourself to help us maintain the sweater vests:

  • Did I grab the correct vest?

o   Look at the spreadsheet on the end of the rack to match your name to your number.

o   Look at the hanger; ushers’ first names are on the hanger now along with your size and number.sweater1

o   Look at the tag; sweater vests each have a size tag (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) and a number behind the size tag (1, 2, 3, and so on).sweater2

  • Should I leave my pin or (in the future) my new name tag on my sweater vest?  In the past two weeks, ushers have reported missing recognition pins.  Whether it is due to theft or misplacement, it is probably a good idea to take yours home each night.
  •  Can I take my sweater vest home with me at night?  Since the sweater vests are property of the center, your vest should remain at the center after each shift.  Especially in the cinema, we have provided 3 keys to be used to unlock the locker room; simply return the vest to the locker room and return the key to the projectionist’s booth before departing.
  • How can I maintain the integrity of my sweater vest?  In order for us to have these vests for several years, avoid eating or drinking non-water beverages while wearing your sweater vest.  Also, perfumes or cologne while ushering is discouraged.

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