What is that?

Commonly used in text messaging and other forms of communication, abbreviations are rapidly becoming a major part of modern culture.  Here at the Performing Arts Center is no different.  Various departments, from FTT to the Department of Music, as well as the Performing Arts Center itself host performances and screenings, from the PS to MSM, but what do these abbreviations mean?  With so many new ushers on staff, let’s try to decode this lingo heard around the center…

What is the PS?


The center’s Presenting Series is programmed by Executive Director Anna Thompson.  The 2013-2014 season, titled “Be Open,” kicked off the season with Momix, this visually impressive dance company, and ends in May with the exuberant performance from the Roby Lakatos Ensemble, classical music seamlessly blended with jazz, pop, Broadway, and film scores.  In all, the Presenting Series will bring 25 unique and talented performers to the center’s stages.  Visit http://performingarts.nd.edu/newseason/ to learn more.

What is MSM?


Situated in the Department of Theology, but with major participation of the Department of Music, the Master of Sacred Music’s graduates are well prepared for work in Christian churches, for administrative and teaching positions, for work in the media, and for doctoral study in music and a variety of related disciplines. With performances mainly in the Reyes Organ and Choral Hall, names and faces like Professors Craig Cramer, Paul Walker, or Alexander Blachly usually pop up. Throughout the year, student organ recitals are performed as a partial fulfillment of their master’s degree.  Visit http://theology.nd.edu/graduate-programs/master-of-sacred-music/ to learn more.

What is FTT?


Housed inside the center, Notre Dame’s Film, Television, and Theatre Department presents theatrical performances throughout the year as well as film and television projects such as the annual Notre Dame Student Film Festival. FTT’s space, on the lower level of the center, is equipped with its own costume shop, editing studios, rehearsal hall, makeup studio, recording studio, lighting lab, creative computing lab, dressing rooms, and classrooms.  As you can recall, FTT kicked off their season with the student directed performance of On the Verge.  Coming up next month, Cabaret takes the Decio stage.  Visit http://ftt.nd.edu/ to learn more.

What is DOM?

Whether it is band, opera, choirs, or orchestra, the center hosts an array of performances sponsored by the Notre Dame Department of Music (aka DOM).

dye3Notre Dame Bands, under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Dye, is the oldest college band in the United States.  Throughout the school year, enjoy performances from the Symphonic Winds, Symphonic Band, Concert Bands, or Jazz Band.

Coming this spring, Opera Notre Dame will take the Decio stage.  While we’ve yet to learn their spring opera, past titles include Dialogues of the Carmelites and Sweeney Todd.

alexbnwUnder the direction of Alexander Blachly, the Notre Dame Chorale is an ensemble of 60+ voices performing pieces from the Renaissance to the present.  Dr. Blachly also presents Schola Musicorum, performances of Gregorian Chant directly from medieval manuscripts, which performs one concert in the fall and one in the spring.

cdan_stowe_3With performances throughout the year, the Notre Dame Glee Club, under the direction of Daniel Stowe, is considered one of the finest all-male collegiate choral groups in the country.  Professor Stowe also conducts the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra with its 60-70 players made up of students, faculty, and staff.

Visit http://music.nd.edu/ to learn more.


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