Ice Cream Social 2013

On Monday, September 9th, we all screamed for ice cream during our annual Ice Cream Social in the Main Lobby.  While ushers were enjoying their desserts, the center’s Executive Director, Anna Thompson, welcomed the ushers and thanked them for their continued service.  As Anna put it, “You’re on the front lines   for the Performing Arts Center, and your smile brings patrons back to the center.”  Anna went on to explain a new initiative started in the Ticket Office this season where a season subscriber is chosen at random to be “surprised and delighted” with a gift when arriving for a Presenting Series performance.  Last week at Momix, one such patron received a $20.00 gift card to The Mark!  So consistent with this perk in the Ticket Office, Anna challenged our ushers to be “spies” and spot other ushers doing a fabulous job.  When ushers see their fellow ushers doing something above and beyond, mention it to the House Manager.  From there, one of our ushers will be surprised and delighted!  Anna concluded her welcome with a Q & A to which several ushers asked questions or made comments about children’s programming in the future, film screenings, and Met Opera Encores.  It was a pleasure having Anna at our gathering!

Following Anna’s welcome, the Guest Services team discussed important updates.  Here are the highlights:

  • Now that all ushers have completed Camp DPAC safety training, effective immediately ushers should know their “zone” and two exits from their placement.
  • Shift sign-ups have posed a couple of challenges:

o   Ushers need to carefully check their shifts to ensure they haven’t signed up for overlapping shifts.

o   Ushers need to look at venues when signing up for a pretalk and a shift.  If the pretalk is in a different venue, please don’t sign up for the shift since you are unable to work it.

  • Next gathering of ushers is October 22nd at 6:00 for the Private Usher Screening.  Be sure to email us movie suggestions!

We ended the evening with introductions of our newest volunteers and students, and everyone agreed the night was delightful!

photo 6-use photo 2-usephoto 3-use

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