Modern Times

It’s the season to inspire us and Be Open, and this year why not give modern dance a try.  Whether it’s Momix or Diavolo, patrons will have two opportunities to experience a modern dance performance.  But what is this unique dance form all about?  Let’s sashay our way through the world of modern dance.

Modern dance developed out of a desire to express individual ideas and emotions instead of performing established dance forms, such as ballet. It continues to evolve with each individual’s interpretation of its founders ideas. You’ll typically find that choreographers turn to current ideas and social themes for inspiration. There are multiple styles of modern dance; Narrative (expresses a message or tells a story), Chance (random selection of movement, performers will not establish order of dance moves until night of show), Contact improvisation (a duet or large group where dancers create moves based on other person), Improvisation (spontaneous movements), Post-modern (evolved during the 60’s and 70’s, also called experimental or minimalist dance.)   With so many ways to express oneself through modern dance, what can you expect to see at the center this season?

In September, the center will showcase Momix. This run of performances will illuminate “The Four Seasons” through magnificent color, props, and jaw-dropping physical ability. If, after this performance you are longing for more, join us for a Post-Performance Talk. This Post-Talk will be hosted by the artists and will have an open Q&A session.Momix-Botanica

Then, springing into February, patrons will have the joy of experiencing the Diavolo Dance Theatre. This group of athletic dancers performs a piece entitled “Fluid Infinities,” set to Philip Glass’ Symphony No. 3, the dancers reach and seek to discover life. With such physically demanding movements, the dance highlights the sheer strength and muscle control it takes to entrance the audience. Similar to Momix, reach for a better understanding of the performance and its dancers, join us for a Post-Performance Talk.diavolo223mv

Be OPEN Beyond the Stage:

  • Whether you usher Momix or Diavolo, what type of modern dance best describes the performance?
  • Will you be ushering both dance performances?  Compare and contrast the two dance companies.
  • Was your attention drawn to a particular dancer? Why?


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