Tip of the Week: Cold Venues


Brr! It's freezing!

Brr! It’s freezing!

Dear Miss Managers,
Occasionally patrons attend performances during the Shakespeare Festival and complain about the cool temperatures in the Decio. What do I tell them next week during Richard III?

Fiona Frostbite


Dear Fiona Frostbite,
If you find a wintery blast brings discontent during Richard III, know that you have options for our patrons. While it’s never easy when patrons wear summer attire in a cooler venue, I always suggest you tell the patron, “Let me see what I can do.” After that, tell your House Manager of this feedback, and from there, she will suggest the best solution to the frigid temperatures. Your House Manager will access the temperature during an intermission to see if it falls below the University’s set-point policy. If it does, a call to the Notre Dame Utilities could mean a temperature adjustment could take place. (Remember, this could take 15-30 minutes.) But in the meantime, your House Manager could try to reseat the patron, if possible, or offer the patron a blanket from our locker room.

Stay warm,
Miss Managers


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