Camp DPAC 2013!


On Monday, August 12th, ushers returned to camp….DPAC style!  The first two hours of camp were spent learning and practicing evacuation drills in the Leighton Concert Hall as well as learning the proper exits for the other venues at the center.  The Notre Dame Fire Department was on site to pull the alarm, monitor our performance, and give our ushers valuable feedback.  We really learned by doing, and it proved to be a very successful drill!  Good work everyone!


Following the drill, we grilled hot dogs by the campfire (well, catering did, but we ate them!).  During dinner, ushers asked questions ranging from name tags to shift availability.  Since we value your feedback, we will use these discussion topics to plan for future improvements.


We finished the evening by walking off our dinner during a hike around the center.  Seeing spaces in the basement, viewing rarely used but important exit doors, and venturing through the Sound Stage, green rooms, and dressing rooms, ushers were able “to go where none have gone before.”  While it was a fun opportunity, it was also very helpful to see other exit points from the center which are useful during an evacuation.

Thanks for making the 2013 Camp DPAC a success!


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