2013-2014 Presenting Series

website_header13-14We can’t believe it’s already time to announce the upcoming Presenting Series line-up! Anna Thompson, Executive Director and curator of the Presenting Series, has woven an exciting assortment of music, theater, and dance in the 2013-2014 season all under the theme “Be Open.” Marketing has been working hard to design a beautiful way to highlight these magnificent performers, and season books are now on display. Finally, Guest Services gets to share with you the fun of watching all of these talented individuals on display.

Starting the season off strong, we welcome Momix to the Decio Mainstage! Momix is sure to thrill all of our senses. Their dancers are known for their physical beauty, creativity, and the ability to create unbelievable illusions. Audiences will love to see their ability to mold their bodies into magnificent sights. Their themes range from the Lunar Sea, Passion, to Botanica (which is the performance we will be enjoying). If you liked last years’ performances by David Parson’s Dance Company and Alvin Ailey you’re sure to love this! If modern dance hasn’t been your preference…give it a try; this may be a great opportunity for you to “be open.”

For the rest of the season, our Series is sure to thrill many. Audra McDonald will excite those that love the familiar standards. Or perhaps you feel like escaping the cold, dreary Midwest weather? The Hot 8 Brass Band and Paris Combo, with their “can’t sit still” jazz, will take you to a hot, sultry place far from South Bend!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this Season; we can’t wait to listen, enjoy, and be open!

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