Staff Highlight: Thank you from the Newlyweds!

Mike and KristaRoseThe most often asked question I get now that I’m married is, “How’s married life?” My answer? “Less sleep, he snores!” However, married life, as many know, is wonderful. I love being able to wake up with my best friend everyday and know that we are in it together. I can’t believe that we will be married two weeks on Saturday!

Before getting into all the details, I wanted to say, “Thank you!” to all of you for your wonderful gift, love, and support through the past two years!!! From starting the job to becoming engaged to being diagnosed with lupus and other auto-immune conditions and now getting married the usher staff (and the center staff) have been a wonderful anchor and guide for me. Michael and I came back from visiting Disney World to my anxious parents, who couldn’t wait for us to open gifts. I have to say that the gift from you ushers was the most touching gift of all, and your book of wisdom is sitting on my desk and helping me to smile everyday! (I’m just waiting for someone to deliver the ice cream that you advised was good for my soul!)

As with any wedding, it came and went so quickly on the day of, but it was a lot of fun, and through prayers and support, I was able to get through it…just like, hopefully, with prayers, I can get everything condensed from two apartments into one! That’s where I really need the prayers, :-D.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the official pictures for another 5-7 weeks, but my photographer did post a taste of pictures on her blog ( where you can see parts of the ceremony (including some traditional Filipino Catholic rituals) and the reception. For more on these traditions, you can visit our wedding website at

Here is a video of the bridal party surprise performance at the reception with my brother’s commentary, as well (he’s the one running the whole show) (8 min):

If anyone wants to watch the 90 minute video of the ceremony (it was recorded with the same cameras that broadcast the basilica mass every Sunday), I do have a DVD that can be borrowed.

Again, thank you to all you wonderful ushers for all your unending love and support. I really appreciate it and I love you all.

God bless!

Mrs. KristaRose M. Lerma

The Lermas