Richard III – ND Shakespeare Festival 2013

Hear; hear…Richard III will be arriving at DeBartolo Performing Arts in August. There will be an Opening Night Celebration on August 22. The Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival crew has been working extremely hard to put together this amazing production.


Visually, this will be a very pleasing performance. Immediately, patrons will be greeted by an impressive lobby display (developed by NDSF and The Medieval Institute) that  will include a flat screen display of  replica items recently found at an archeological dig site in Leicester. The set, once in the venue, will have a French Baroque feel. Patrons will have the sense that the “earth is reclaiming” our performers while transforming from life to death.

Opportunities to enjoy Shakespeare will be plentiful on campus this summer. We begin with ShakeScenes (July 20-21), followed by The Comedy of Errors, performed by the Young Company (see website for performance details), Richard III (August 20-September 1) and closing with Othello, performed by Actors from the London Stage (September 18-20).


Click on to delve deeper into all of the upcoming performances and to get great detail on the superb cast and crew.


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