TIP OF THE WEEK: Volunteers for O’Neill Hall Next Weekend

Noelle Elliott, the Publicity and Concert Coordinator for O’Neill Hall, asked me this week if I could see if any volunteers would be willing to lend a hand at O’Neill Hall next weekend. (Refresher: O’Neill Hall is the new structure on the south side of the stadium and it houses the Department of Music/Sacred Music and a few new performance spaces.)

Next weekend is the O’Neill Hall Fall Rollout Weekend. There are two events in particular that she could use help with. Here is the info on each:

Roomful of Teeth   (click link for more info)

8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26

The celebration begins on Friday with a FREE performance by Roomful of Teeth in the LaBar Recital Hall. The Grammy-winning vocal collective is dedicated to reimagining the expressive potential of the human voice. Through study with masters from vocal traditions the world over, the eight-voice ensemble continually expands its vocabulary of singing techniques. This rollout weekend performance will include a new work by ND faculty composer John Liberatore.

Open House  (click link for more info)

2–4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27

The party continues with an Open House designed to showcase the spectacular new spaces throughout O’Neill, and featuring performances representing the breadth of activity in the Department of Music and the Sacred Music at Notre Dame program. From instrumental chamber music and solo piano and organ performances, to solo voice, opera scenes, the Glee Club, the Chorale, Concordia, and the SMND Children’s Choir—there will be something for everyone.

Some of you have ushered over at O’Neill already and Noelle is very thankful to those who have helped in the past. Even if you haven’t been over there, any help would be most appreciated. If you are interested and available next weekend, please send Noelle an email at nelliot2@nd.edu

She will give you the details on start times and what needs assistance. Thanks for your help with this!

(*As always, please note that as O’Neill Hall and the Department of Music are a separate entity from DPAC, any hours worked there won’t count towards your DPAC hours.)


TIP OF THE WEEK 2: Parking Issues!

This is a follow up to the Tip of the Week a few weeks ago about keeping opinions to ourselves while on the floor. Since tomorrow we’re planning to hear a lot of feedback regarding the parking situation, especially from our regular MET Opera patrons who will have to alter their usual parking routine, thought we’d mention that opinions to keep under wraps also includes parking!

Now we all know that the parking situation has been dire for many years and is in great need of attention, but we’ll keep that among ourselves! If a patron brings up the situation (and even though you’ll be inclined to agree!) just let them know that you’re sorry for the inconvenience and that you’ll forward along any concern they may have.

While the campus parking situation is mostly out of our hands at DPAC, we need to remember that we want to show not just DPAC in the best light, but the University as well. Thanks again for your understanding!

TIP OF THE WEEK 3: Sustainable DPAC!

This week you received our email regarding bringing reusable cups to screenings in an effort to create less waste and cut down on the amount of plastic used at ND. Thanks to all the ushers who have begun doing this! It helps!

There are a few things we went over at the usher screening that we wanted to make sure everyone knows about. First of all, please bring a cup with some sort of lid. Open cup spills can get quite messy, quite quickly!

In addition, as we don’t want to have our cups visible on the floor when welcoming patrons, please leave your cups at the Cinema Concessions stand. The student worker will put them off to the side and give them back after house closes and it’s time for ushers to get their concessions (which is ten minutes after the start of the screening).

Thanks and Go Irish! Go Green!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Saturday 10/20 parking!

October 20th happens to coincide with the campus arrival of Garth Brooks, so the University is treating that day like a Game Day. As we want to separate our patrons from any Garth Brroks fans who intend to come to campus early, Parking Services has provided parking passes for all ushers and patrons.

The passes for ALL ushers working this day are good for the BOOKSTORE LOT only, so please park there for our two events: SBSO Family Spooktacular and MET Opera- Samson et Delila. If you are working one of these shifts, please pick up a Parking Pass from a House Manager between now and Saturday the 20th. Please place the pass on your dashboard when entering campus and keep it there while parked. The passes are only good until 5:00 PM on the 20th, so if you’re planning on seeing Garth, you can’t use this nice free pass!

If you are not scheduled for a shift before next Saturday or aren’t coming to the usher screening on Wednesday, please let us know so we can make arrangements to get you a parking pass.

As for patrons for these events, the Ticket Office and Marketing are contacting all those who have purchased tickets and arranging to get them a pass. For patrons who are coming and have not purchased tickets yet, we are planning to have a DPAC representative (aka usher or student usher) hand out parking passes outside the North doors of DPAC prior to show times. The passes for PATRONS of the Family Spooktacular are for the WALSH ARCHITECTURE LOT, which is east of the building and the passes for MET Opera PATRONS are for the BOOKSTORE LOT.


We are officially now up to speed on the usher vests and everyone should have a black vest! Bye, bye gray vests…you will be missed! Those of you with a new vest please look at the master list of names and numbers on the vest rack to find your new hanger number. If you find that the new vest doesn’t fit properly, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

A note for general order-keeping regarding the vest rack: all ushers please make sure you are hanging up your vest on the proper hanger. We saw some had moved around, but they should be all in order now. Thanks and new vest ushers enjoy the new vest!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Keeping Opinions to Ourselves While On the Floor

Thought it would be a good time to give a reminder regarding voicing opinions on performances, DPAC/ND issues, or divisive issues of the day while on the floor. We had a patron complaint this week about a performance. This patron brought the complaint all the way up to Dennis Brown who is the University Spokesman. In the complaint, the patron mentioned that one of the DPAC workers agreed with the complaint and in doing so disparaged a performance. The aforementioned issue didn’t involve our volunteer or student usher staff or Guest Services staff; however, the opportunity may present itself in the future.

We just need to make sure we are not negatively commenting on any of the performances while patrons are present. If you want to discuss anything regarding a performance or any kinds of building/university issues, please do so among your colleagues in private, with the Usher Locker Room being the best place. If it is a pressing issue, please get a House Manager and discuss it without being in ear-shot of any patrons.

We definitely need to field patron’s complaints and let them know that their voice is heard, but please keep in mind that, while you may be inclined to agree with them, we still need DPAC to be shown in the best light. Let the patron know that you will notify a manager of their issue and they will pass it along to the proper entity.

We ask that while on the floor all of the ushers stay in their positions during house open of any performance or screening and keep talk among each other to a minimum. While it’s nice to visit a little bit, keep in mind that we have to keep up a high level of professionalism and we’re here for the patrons first.

We all want to do our best keep DPAC at the top of places to go at Notre Dame! Thanks everybody for your understanding!