A brand new FTT show starts this Thursday! This time it is not just a new performance, but a brand new musical (written by current FTT student Jorge Rivera-Herrans) that is receiving its world premiere in the Philbin! Here is the info from FTT on this special run:

Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television, and Theatre (FTT) announces Stupid Humans, a new musical by Notre Dame junior Jorge “Jay” Rivera-Herrans, in the Philbin Studio Theatre at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, February 21 through March 3.

 A celebration of risk-taking and the power of persistence, Stupid Humans centers on a med school dropout named Indigo who defies his father and hops a train to L.A. with dreams of becoming a famous singer. Rivera-Herrans, who wrote the book, lyrics, and music, will also play the leading role.

 “Writers are often told to ‘write what you know,’” says FTT’s Director of Theatre, Kevin Dreyer. “Jay has taken this to heart, writing about what every young person faces – the struggle between external pressures and deeply felt aspirations.”

 FTT’s head of musical theatre, Matt Hawkins, will serve as director and choreographer. Hawkins and Rivera-Herrans have collaborated on the development process for nearly 18 months, including a semester-long workshop with FTT students as part of a new musical theatre lab course.

 “It’s been such an exciting opportunity to develop and showcase new student work,” says Hawkins, “and the lab class helped to facilitate a high level of student leadership on the project.” Although the costumes, lighting, and set will be designed by FTT faculty designers, students fill the roles of music director, associate director, associate choreographer, creative producer, and stage manager, among others.

We look forward to hosting this exciting new production!


TIP OF THE WEEK: New Scanners Part 3!

Thank you for your patience while the new scanners get up to speed! Over this past weekend, we found a tip on scanning that seemed to help. When scanning, if you hold the scanner straight-on (not angled, or pointing up or down) with the ticket perpendicular, the scans seem to register quicker. Now please just make sure you keep your arm down by your waist, as we don’t want to blind people with the intense red light that emits from the scanners! If small children are nearby, please make sure their eyes are averted and you cover the beam with the ticket. As always, please let a House Manager or Student House Manager know if you’re having any problems and let them know any error messages you’re seeing. Baby steps, but we’re getting there!

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: February 20th-23rd Show Some Skin 2019

Show Some Skin returns to the Decio later this month. Many, many spots available. Please consider signing up for this always popular event! Here is more info:


We often construct walls—physical and metaphorical—between others and ourselves to protect the deepest parts of our being. We do so because we fear that others might not understand us, or we might not measure up to their expectations. We also build walls because we refuse to understand others. 

In the fall semester, Show Some Skin invited members of the Notre Dame community to tear down facades, brick by brick, to share the beauty of their humanity. With this year’s theme of “Drop the Wall,” Show Some Skin asked: What kind of walls do you see or experience in the dorms? Between students, faculty, and staff, or between the University and South Bend community? What walls have you straddled, feeling like you belong on both sides while simultaneously on neither side? Do we build walls to keep ourselves in, or to keep others out? Show Some Skin: Drop the Wall features 28 monologues and 10 “shorts” selected from over 100 stories submitted anonymously by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

Now in its eighth year, this annual storytelling and performance project gives voice to unspoken stories centered on identity and difference. Student actors present powerful and moving monologues written by members of the ND community. The performance in two acts will have a 10-minute intermission. After each show, audience members are invited to share their reactions to the stories. 

There you have it!

TIP OF THE WEEK: New Scanners Again!  

Last weekend we installed the new scanners and it looks like they take some getting used to! From the feedback we got, they are slow! Unfortunately, we may not be able to get around that, but our IT man Tom is going to look into it. He will be on hand for this evening’s Black History Month Concert to see how they are operating and looking into any odd error messages we may receive. Hopefully he can fix some of the bugs!

We ask that you adjust your scanning speed until it gets sorted out. Please take the ticket and then scan and wait for it to register on the scanner. Please look at the scanner so you know that it has scanned and you get the GREEN border (for a successful scan) or the RED border (for a non-successful scan). Then scan your next ticket. Now this is not ideal for getting patrons quickly in the venue, but we just have to make due for now. While we’re used to scanning a group quickly, these scanners need a little more time.

Also, it seems that some of the scanners do not make noise when they scan and some vibrate. It may take a little bit, but hopefully we can get them all working the same. Just bear with us and we can get through this together!


TIP OF THE WEEK: New Scanners!

The new scanners are in effect starting tonight! As you may recall, we mentioned that our old scanners’ operating system has become obsolete and we have to get new scanners to accommodate the new operating system. Tonight Tom Cumbow, our DPAC Program Manager and all-around IT man, will be on hand at the 5:45 Green Book to make sure they are up to speed and ready to go for the weekend. We’ll give you all a tutorial on them on your shifts tomorrow. Tonight’s 8:45 Green Book ushers and Sunday’s Cinema ushers please check in with the projectionist to get up to speed.

The new scanners operate similarly to the old scanners, except they’re lighter and nicer looking! The only major change is that if the scanner is turned off, you would turn it on by pushing down the power button on top of the scanner. After it boots up, you need to unlock the screen. You would do this just like you would if you are unlocking your cell phone in that you’d type in the passcode. Our scanner passcode is: 2004

This is easy to remember as it is the year DPAC opened! Enjoy!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Weekday ND Parking!

Whenever we have a day shift, we email the ushers beforehand about parking, but since the process has been in place for a year now, consider this your reminder going forward! File this info away so you’re prepared if you take a weekday shift (Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-4:00 PM). We have many weekday Go, Dog. Go! shifts coming up plus Naval Leadership, so thought this would be as good a time as any to get everyone up to speed.

For weekday shifts, there is PAID visitor parking at ND. Note that paid weekday visitor parking starts at 7:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM (Monday-Friday) and you will need to get a ticket to put on your dashboard. We provide you with a code so you will not be charged. Here is the info:

The pay station is next to the new Walsh Architecture Building (across Eddy Street, to the east of DPAC). It is in the lot marked: Visitor Lot. Note that no ND hang tags are accepted here, so if you have the pleasure of having one, don’t park here!

Also, note that there are pay stations now in the Compton Lot and Joyce Lot (Hang tags are accepted in these lots.) The Joyce pay station is close to the Purcell entrance and the Compton pay station is close to the bus shelter on the north side of the Compton Lot.

When you arrive on campus, if there is a spot available in the Visitor Lot, you can park there. Go to the ticket machine and get your pre-paid ticket. The machine will ask you how much time you are staying. Please look at your shift times and add some cushion for your walk to/from DPAC, so you have enough time covered. The times are by the hour. FYI- Above 4 hours covers the entire day.

When the machine asks you to pre-pay, we have a special code to use that will act as the payment. Please reference your Weekly Bulletin for the code as we don’t want to post it to the internet!

It is very important that you please do not give this code out to anyone! This is for DPAC use only and not to be used for non-DPAC campus dealings. When you arrive for your shift, please let us know how much time you put in. The department is keeping track and need to know when a code is used. We will notify you if this code changes.

The machine will give you a ticket and please put this ticket FACE UP on your driver’s side dashboard (so it can be seen by ND Parking). If there is room in this Visitor Lot, you may park here. If it is filled, take your ticket and car to any of these open lots: Walsh Lot, Compton Lot or the Joyce Lot.

Note that if you are here at DPAC for a short time, parking is free for one hour, but you still need to use the code and put the ticket on your dashboard.

That hopefully covers everything, but if you have any questions please let us know. Thanks!