VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: Volunteer and Student Staff Christmas Party!

Thanks to all of you who braved the cold and joined us for our annual Christmas dinner. It was great to see so many of you and many student workers and DPAC staff as well. I hope that fun was had by all!

Let’s recap for those of you who couldn’t make it.










This year your Christmas cards contain not only your Spring 2018 Presenting Series discount voucher but also a special gift from ND Development. The Special Events & Stewardship section of Development sent over Notre Dame pins that are part of the University’s new “Boldly” campaign. They were sent to thank you all for your help with the many successful performances of Sorin this past semester. We thank you too! You did such a great job, they’re bringing it back next month!





Thanks to our tech department as they did a great job decorating. We had, for the first time, the yule log on the video screen in the Philbin. Very festive!





We had the pleasure of future music superstar Alex Mansour playing Christmas songs on the piano throughout dinner. He even accompanied Usher Reynaldo for a searing rendition of Reynaldo’s hit song: Shoveling in a Winter Wonderland! Special thanks to Alex, as he was gracious enough to take time out of preparing for finals to play for us. We’ll miss him this semester as he will be studying abroad in London.






After dinner we each shared our favorite Christmas songs. Many, many songs to choose from. I think close to 50 were named!  Would have to say the most popular were O Holy Night and Mary, Did You Know? Many Pentatonix fans among you! My personal favorite is 80’s hard rock band Twisted Sister’s version of O Come All Ye Faithful. It is both joyful and triumphant! Okay…fine, I’m sure Pentatonix does that too!

We closed the evening with an ill-advised complete reading of the soon-to-be-classic: A Die Hard Christmas. Whoops, forgot that movie was violent! Oh well, maybe next year I’ll read The Polar Express or something else with more Christmas cheer!


For those who were unable to be with us, we will be mailing you a Christmas card, which contains your Spring 2018 Presenting Series discount voucher. We’ll give you the Boldly Notre Dame pins when you’re in for your next shift.

Well that’s it for 2017. Thanks again to all of you for giving us so much of your time this year! Look forward to seeing you all in 2018!


VOLUNTEER HIGHLIGHT: December 2017 Birthdays!











December is here, so let’s send some happiness to our December b-days!

12/10 Mark K.

12/14 Joanne K.

12/15 Gary O.

12/23 Reynaldo H.

12/25 JoLynn B.

12/29 Katherine J.

12/30 Greg O.

*Also note as we get to the end of the year, if you haven’t seen your birthday come up please let us know and we’ll make sure we get your birthday in our system for 2018. Thanks!

CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Opera Notre Dame presents Opera Scenes


This weekend in the Decio brings us: Opera Notre Dame presents Opera Scenes. Opera ND usually has a big run in the Spring, but this academic year they’re having two shows in December instead. Here is the info:


Opera Notre Dame presents an evening of opera scenes featuring our talented students, graduates, and guest artists. Scenes will be performed from operas by Mozart, Offenbach, Donizetti, Gilbert & Sullivan, Rossini, and many others, ranging from Baroque to Contemporary, Standard to Rarity. Directed by Alek Shrader. Conducted by Daniel Black. Dialogue or vocals in a foreign language. This is a free but ticketed event.

The shifts are Sunday December 3rd 3:00 PM and Tuesday December 5th 6:00 PM. Spaces are available so to any ushers with low hours, this is a great chance to fulfill your 2017 requirement. Please consider.


CENTER HIGHLIGHT: Alex Mansour Saves the Day!

Our resident piano man and all around talented guy Alex Mansour had an article written about him and how at the last minute he was able to compose and record a piece to go on the Stadium videoboard right before kickoff.

Check out the link below and best of luck to Alex tonight!


TIP OF THE WEEK: Opinions!

A reminder we need to send out from time to time is for all ushers (and staff!) to make sure that when we’re on the floor among patrons or artists, not to discuss our personal opinions on the performances or any DPAC related issues. If any sensitive issues arise in a performance or screening that requires attention, please speak privately with the House Manger or Projectionist so they can relay it through the proper channels. If it’s anything regarding the quality of the content, feel free to discuss with the other ushers in the Usher Locker Room or off-site.

If a patron comes up and complains about the quality of the performance or screening, please let them know that you’ll pass their concerns along and that we have many terrific shows coming up and hopefully something else in the future will be more to their liking. Something not to do, is agree with them and say something to the effect that the show was terrible. Even if you feel that way, we need to maintain our professionalism as ushers and DPAC representatives and not vocalize it.